Thurrock Island

Thurrock Island Community Art Gallery

Thurrock Island Storybook written by Emily Moon, Lead Artist at Cece Luna

Thurrock Island is set in a reality in which climate change has caused sea levels to rise and Thurrock is the only land left for miles.

The Island is continuing to shrink and the Landfolk are running out of space, and food supplies are dwindling due to a feud with the Merfolk following the sea-life being persecuted and captured in fishing nets. The Merfolk have invented ways to reuse the plastic waste including turning it into power, clothing and architecture. The Merfolk and Landfolk must work together to save their environments by sharing their knowledge and technology.

Thurrock Island was a community participation project during lockdown for all ages, It created artworks with the community to be used in a storybook.

Each week there was a new art activity on Cece Luna’s website for which community artwork was submitted to the Thurrock Island Facebook Group or by email.

Thurrock Island is community participatory project created by Cece Luna in partnership with AAAHA.

FUNDED BY: Stronger Together Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund, Thurrock CVS | Thurrock Council

Find out more about Cece Luna by clicking here.

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