TFD 2020 | The Complete Programme

You’ve landed on our complete TFD programme page!

Feel free to unpick the delights we have put together for you to enjoy at your leisure. Take a peak at the creative stuff people have been up to during the 2020 lockdown.

Click any title below to find out more.

Our programme premiered on 19th Sep and, unless stated, will remain available for the foreseeable future.

Ashley | Thurrock Festival Host

C19CC | The Covid-19 Creative Collection | Thurrock

A Salvaged Thurrock | Rendered Retina

At Least We’ve Got This Place | Rebecca Brewer & Oli Hembrough

Back To Love | JB Rose

Children’s Response to Covid-19 | Fiona Imrie and Jo Gillam

Covid-19 Monologues | Performance4One

In Her Shoes | Blown Fuse Theatre

The Ockenden Witch | Hoar Frost Productions

Thurrock Island | Cece Luna


A Sketchbook of Matemahan | Nick Gray, Mark Hobart, Ni Madé Pujawati

Community Arts inspired by Africa | Efua Sey Cultural Academy

My co-vid journey | Gugaksound


A Birthday Greeting to St Cedd | Hi Ching | Video

By Thames to Multiculturalism | Ketna Patel | Pop Art

Our Earth | Nicholas Leong | Sunjin Galleries | Photography

Our Earth | Dr. Patricia Yih | Sunjin Galleries | Photography

Our Earth | SQRLO | Sunjin Galleries | Photography


A Sikh Musician Performs | Kirit Singh

A Song from Nepal | Ganga Thapa

Liu Shui (Flowing Water) | Cheng Yu

Percussion Past & Present | Beibei Wang

Orquesta Estelar | SOAS Big Band Digital Concert

StrathFest Digital Concert

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