Summer 2021 Programme

Explore live and online events and activities taking place in Thurrock this summer!

All summer | Well House Gallery | exhibitions

22nd Jun | Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories | installation opens to public

26th Jul – 1st Aug | Beach of Dreams in Thurrock | Thurrock walks

31st Jul | Commonwealth Tea Party | Grays Beach Riverside Park

1st Aug | Tilbury Party Final Day Beach of Dreams | Tilbury Fort

Marking the 90th year of the Statute of Westminster 1931 that set the basis for the relationship between the Commonwealth realms and the Crown. And the first ship to enter Tilbury Dock 135 years ago.

30th Aug | Outdoor Cinema – Thurrock Film Festival | Grays Town Park

18th – 26th Sep | Green Week Thurrock | Various Venues in Thurrock

22nd Jun – 26th Sep

All summer | Thurrock Art Trail | art online

All summer | Thurrock Island 2021 | digital artwork with activities from July

Jun/Aug | Thurrock Film Festival | digital season relaunch of former TIC Film Festival

22nd Jun | The Islands | premiere of online film

24th Jul | Thurrock History Timeline | launch of online Timeline

24th Jul | A13: Road Movie | film of people along the A13

27th – 29th Jul | Thurrock Film Festival | Online

Aug | Ashley’s Big Bake | making a Greenhouse Cake videoblogs

Aug | Poems of Nepalese Women | weekly postings

Aug | Jayshree Patel Reflects | Jayshrees comments on the digital exhibition Roots & Changes (Commonwealth migrations of Gujeratis)

19th Sep | Bryony and the Big Beach Clean Up | Thurrock Island e-book launch

18th – 26th Sep | Green Week Thurrock | digital

Thurrock Festival reserves the right to change the festival programme due to unavoidable circumstances

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