Summer 2021 Programme

Explore live and online events and activities taking place in Thurrock this summer!

All summer | Well House Gallery | exhibitions

All summer | Morrisons Garden of Hope | participatory art

22nd Jun | Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories | installation opens to public

26th Jul | Beach of Dreams in Thurrock | Thurrock walks

31st Jul | Commonwealth Tea Party | Grays Beach Riverside Park

1st Aug | Tilbury Party Final Day Beach of Dreams | Tilbury Fort

Marking the 90th year of the Statute of Westminster 1931 and the first ship to enter Tilbury Dock 135 years ago

19th – 26th Sep | Green Week Thurrock | Various Venues in Thurrock

24th Jul – 26th Sep

All summer | Thurrock Art Trail I art online

All summer | Thurrock Island 2021 | digital artwork with activities from July

Jun/Aug | Thurrock Film Festival | digital season relaunch of former TIC Film Festival

Jul | Thurrock History Timeline | launch of online Timeline

Jul | A13: Road Movie | Rayna Nadeem‘s film of people along the A13

Aug | Ashley’s Big Bake | making a Greenhouse Cake videoblogs

Aug | Poems of Nepalese Women | weekly postings

Aug | Jayshree Patel Reflects | Jayshrees comments on the digital exhibition Roots & Changes (Commonwealth migrations of Gujeratis)

19th Sep | Bryony and the Big Beach Clean Up | Thurrock Island e-book launch

19th – 26th Sep | Green Week Thurrock | digital

Thurrock Festival reserves the right to change the festival programme due to unavoidable circumstances

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