St Cedd Birthday Greeting

A birthday greeting to St Cedd
GOPIC’s performance of Amazing Grace

Born 1400 years ago, St Cedd Birthday Greeting is a stop motion video in memory of St Cedd. From Northumbria, he established Christianity in Thurrock.

St Cedd was sent as a missionary to Essex to re-convert the East Saxons to Christianity. So successful was he that he was appointed Bishop ‘of the Church of the East Saxons’.

An important church figure, he was present at the decisive Synod of Whitby in which the disputed date of Easter was agreed between the Celtci church and the Roman Catholic church at Canterbury.

He founded a monastery at Tilaburg (present day Tilbury) which was on the Pilgrims’ Way across the Thames to Canterbury.

He fell victim to the plague in 664.

This video was created by Hi Ching for Thurrock Festival Digital 2020.

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