Ketna Patel

W.T.F. | Ketna Patel

By Thames To Multiculturalism exhibition available 19th Sep

Ketna Patel‘s bold and stunning 4 metre banner of W.T.F. will now be online on 19th Sep with Ketna explaining its symbolism to us.

Ketna Patel will also be presenting By Thames To Multiculturalism, a digital exhibition of her compelling work at Thurrock Festival Digital 2020 from 19th Sep.

Ketna Patel is our Associate Artist | Visual Arts. A prolific POP art artist, she has drawn from her rich heritage and lived experience of the Commonwealth to inspire her work. Born in Uganda, brought up in Kenya and educated in Britain, she went to Singapore as part of a British Architectural team to build the Esplanade Arts Centre. So taken was she by that part of the world, she stayed and worked in Singapore, Malaysia, India and neighbouring countries for 25 years! She then returned full circle back to her home in London and straddles her studio time between the U.K. and India. Ketna has built a special and committed rapport with Thurrock…watch the video below to find out why!

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