Eco Fayre | Grays Town Park

Green Week Thurrock Eco Fayre | 11am-3pm Sunday 26th Sep | Grays Town Park

The Eco Fayre, a laid back but exciting opportunity to explore environmentally friendly activities in Thurrock; enjoy environmental friendly food; browse and pick up a few eco friendly crafts.

Some of the groups at the Eco Fayre will be Refill Cabin, Eva Coles, Simply Butterfly Crafts, Greedy Vegan Van, We Are Creatives, Orchards Community Allotments, Thurrock Beekeepers Association, Pyramid and Scouts with their handmade items out of recycled materials.

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Refill Cabin | is always out and about around Thurrock for all your refill needs.

Simply bring along your containers (we also have containers onboard) we weigh them, you fill them and after another quick weigh you pay – it’s that easy!

Greedy Vegan Van | Adrian went vegan 4 years ago. He has always been a keen foodie so spent time trying vegan food and recipes, loved it so much that greedyveganvan was born. They set up the food truck with the environment in mind, so they don’t use single use plastic, no petrol or diesel generators.

Package for serving is minimal, and only recyclable and home compostable  products are used. They source their ingredients locally where they can and make all their own sauces and relishes.

Eva Coles | A small family run business based in Basildon, Essex specialising in eco friendly, handpoured, vegan and cruelty free home fragrance and wellbeing products including wax bars, candles, room sprays, reed diffusers and much more. 

Simply Butterfly Crafts | Halloween & Christmas crafts

Claire Cornelius will be selling some of her decoupage products including vases and coasters.

Grays Town Park

Friends of Grays Town Park are overseeing the refurbishment of this Victorian park with funding raised. The entrance from Bridge Road is being refurbished and the rockery around that area re-landscaped with as stunning vista. An old shelter will be transformed to a community cafe and art gallery Lots of exciting community activities are being planned. Check back for updates!

The park was given to the people of Thurrock in 1887 by the squire, James Theobald. The park was a unique feature to the working class population of Grays and was the first public leisure facility in this area.

The site was the redundant earth quarry for making bricks, one of the main products of the district. A light railway took the bricks down to Grays wharf for loading on to barges.

The park needed considerable landscaping to hide the quarry. Sloped embankments were created to the north behind the late Victorian houses, and to the east along Bridge Road.

Pathways led around the perimeter of the park. Some were tree-lined with saplings and ornamental flower beds, such as those near the main entrance from Bedford Road. A shelter was created to protect park visitors from rain and sun, and a small stage – possibly erected as a temporary structure – provided a platform for community events and entertainments.

From Edwardian times a bandstand was erected, which became a popular for entertainment during summer months. The bandstand was removed by the 1960s.

To the southern side against Clarence Road, a health clinic was built for maternity checks and children’s health. A children’s charity accommodation house was built on the Clarence Road entrance for ‘family units’ to be looked after by a pair of adoptive parents.

Plans for the new community cafe

Old photo of the shelter at Bedford Road entrance and architectural plans by Mohanad Shahin.

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