Community Arts Inspired by Africa

Efua Sey is a folk drummer and dancer from Ghana. She set up Efua Sey Cultural Academy in Essex to promote cultural diversity and community integration through education, social care, events, befriending, arts and culture to reduce social exclusion and isolation of disadvantaged members of our local community.

Their mission is to empower disadvantaged members of our local community and encourage a culturally diverse community in which every member feels that they belong and so can contribute towards the development of the local area.

“For my family and I having the club in our lives has been simply life changing and continues to have a huge positive impact on our lives. My youngest brother Munchie was born with Downs Syndrome. He has severe behavioural problems and is extremely delayed developmentally, however since joining the club he has come on leaps and bounds. For example he has learnt to express himself through dance and music, socialise with children of all ages and abilities and has been given him a focus outside of school and family life.  The club has taken the time to understand Munchies disabilities, routines and behaviours and provide with him with both physical and emotional support and encouragement despite its challenges.  The club has proven itself that it is much more than a club that offers a form of childcare, it’s a big family were everyone cares for each other – a rare and unique quality in today’s society.” Sadia Bowering – Munchie

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