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Bophana Center in Phnom Penh acquires film, television, photography and sound archives on Cambodia all round the world. CLICK HERE to find out more.

For Green Week Thurrock, they are sharing three special films about elephants and the environment with us.

MY HOME Click to watch | 28:37 mins

Chheol Thouk never wanted to be anything else but a mahout and he roams the forest tending to his elephants. But the natural habitat in Mondulkiri province is shrinking due to deforestation, threatening the elephants, their ecosystem and Chheol’s way of life.

DULL TRAIL Click to watch | 11:21 mins

Blind in one eye and traumatised from years of war and American bombs, Mae Neng the elephant learns to accept the love of her kind caretaker Da Chroed in Mondulkiri province.

MEMORIES Click to watch | 14:16 mins

As a matriarch in Mondulkiri province, Preng Chanthy strives to maintain the traditions of her indigenous community including caring for the local elephants and brewing rice wine to offer to spirits while passing her wisdom on to the next generation.

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