Beach of Dreams

Mon 26th July | Benfleet Station to Thurrock Thameside Nature Park

Tue 27th July | Thurrock Thameside Nature Park to Langdon Hills

Wed 28th July | Langdon Hills to South Ockendon Village Green

Thu 29th Jul | South Ockendon Village Green to Purfleet-on-Thames

Fri 30th Jul | Purfleet-on-Thames to Purfleet Beacon

Sat 31st Jul | Purfleet Beacon to Grays Library

Sun 1st Aug | Grays Library to Tilbury Fort

Kinetika’s Beach of Dreams, is an epic 500 mile along the Essex coast. It arrives in Thurrock culminating in the weekend of 31st Jul-1st Aug in Grays and Tilbury. Flags have been designed out of artistic ideas from people in each mile. A spectacle of 500 flags will land up in the foreshore of Thurrock in the weekend of 31st Jul & 1st Aug. Join our parade of these stunning flags from Thameside Theatre down to Grays Beach Riverside Park on 31st Jul.


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