A Sketchbook of Matemahan

Queen Mahendradatta film

Matemahan means “transformation” in Balinese. This Sketchbook is a peek into a project that an exploration of fluidity and transformation in Balinese music and thought, using gendér wayang, music composition and dance. This is a collaborative practice-based project examining how Balinese ideas of body, self, cosmology and transformation can impact on contemporary musical creation and performance.

It brings together elements, both finished and unfinished, of a project based at SOAS, University of London by composer and gendér wayang player Dr Nick Gray, choreographer and dancer Ni Madé Pujawati and anthropologist Prof Mark Hobart, together with Lila Bhawa Indonesian dance troupe. The music involves a combination of Balinese and Western instruments together with electronics.

For an overview of the Matemahan project click here.

Matemahan is funded by a Seedcorn Fund by SOAS, University of London.

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