A Sikh Musician Performs

Kirit Singh introduces himself

In response to the challenges of the global pandemic, Kirit Singh will be presenting a Dhrupad vocal item in Rag Tilang, a melodic mode which he finds uplifting. 

Kirit Singh was born into a British family in which his parents had adopted the Sikh way of life. He was thus exposed to both South Asian and Western culture from a young age. His musical journey reflects that and he grew up studying the piano and later Hindustani and Sikh sacred music. He is a disciple of Pt.Uday Bhawalkar, a leading torchbearer of the Dhrupad vocal music tradition, which is North India’s oldest surviving form of art music. Kirit also delivers classes in Gurbani Sangeet (Sikh spiritual music) at a number of gurdwaras in the UK.

Find out more about Kirit and his work by clicking here.

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