2020 Premieres

19th Sep 2020 | Click images for premieres

A Birthday Greeting to St Cedd
How I Made Back To Love | JB Rose
Liu Shui | Flowing Water | Qin solo
Our Earth | Patricia Yih | Photos | 19th Sep – 19th Oct
Percussion Past & Present
Thurrock Island Community Art Gallery | Cece Luna Costume & Arts
Efua Sey Cultural Academy | On the Way
At Least We’ve Got This Place
A Salvaged Thurrock | Work-in-Progress
Orquesta Estelar Digital Concert
Covid-19 Monologues
MADNI came to life in a secret location in Thurrock
Queen Mahendradatta | Calonarang Reimagined
By Thames to Multiculturalism | W.F.T.
The Ockenden Witch
My co-vid Journey
Thurrock Island: Bryony and the Plastic Problem | Emily Moon, Lead Artist at Cece Luna Costume & Arts
Our Earth | Nicholas Leong | Photos | 19th Sep – 19th Oct
A Song from Nepal | Hope | Aasha | Ganga Thapa
Kirit Singh | A Sikh Musician Performs
Our Earth | SQRLO | Photos | 19th Sep – 19th Oct
StrathFest Digital Concert

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