Thurrock Festival

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Thurrock Festival 2020

19th Sep 2020

We are super excited that it looks very likely that we will be able to have the first Thurrock Festival this year after all!

With Covid-19 causing the best laid plans in our all our lives to founder, we have had to postpone Thurrock Festival to Sat 19th Sep.

Although Thurrock Festival it will be a far more modest affair than we had planned for originally,  it has given us a wonderful opportunity of establishing Thurrock Festival Digital (TFD 2020) with its interactive galleries and extensive sweep of artist’ work. Many of these will be under the banner of C19CC which you can imagine stands for Covid-19 Cultural Collection. 


In partnership with Kinetika’s T100 Mandalas project, a substantial public participatory mandala will be created at Grays Wharf along the Thames, south of Grays High Street.

On the day, look out for the large recycled puppet, MANDI, that will be brought stunningly to life. She is the acronym for Mandala Adored Nobel Deity Icon and a creation of local artists Cece Luna. You may correctly guess that she will be processing from north of Grays High Street down to Grays Wharf where she will be fluttering over the public mandala. Devised out of upcycled plastic material MANDI promises to be a stunning AAAHA mascot.

A banner of Ketna Patel’s 4 metre W.T.F. artwork will add a brilliant splash of pop art colour to Grays Wharf. Specially composed music of Mandala Moments by artistic director Hi Ching will evoke a calming, creative atmosphere.

These activities acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.


A number of exciting digital exhibitions is programmed for TFD 2020. Please revisit us to catch up with the most recent updates.

C19CC is Thurrock’s Covid-19 Cultural Collection showcasing a number of works funded by Thurrock Council for creative projects emerging out of lockdown.

Exhibits will include T100 May Mandalas. These were created in May during lockdown.

Thurrock Island is a participatory project involving the community’s response to a fictional scenario of climate change and rising water levels. Thurrock Island is the only land left in this area. It is inhabited by Landfolk and Merfolk. They learn to survive by supporting each other. The island is populated by images contributed by participants for a Thurrock Island e-book.

Artist Ketna Patel’s bold W.T.F. work will be featured with an explanation of the astute symbolism she has used.

Kara Thompson’s delightful drawings will be laid out in a digital exhibition you can wander through.

Fashion designer Selika Rai’s recent experience of travelling to Nepal and being locked down there will be shown in her photo exhibition. Her personal responses will accompany these images.

Lata Upadhyaya’s captivating Transit: Identity of a White Van two year project will be distilled in a number of artistic illustrations specially created for TFD 2020.

Quest Radio provides a lively musical experience with local DJs.

Last, but not least, is a Birthday Greeting video to mark St Cedd’s 1400 birthday sent by Hi Ching. St Cedd established Christianity in Thurrock with the building of a church.


Kinetika | Cece Luna | Thurrock CVS | Thurrock Council

Over time, Thurrock has woven rich tapestries of pilgrims trails, pirates, the Commonwealth and maritime activities. Stretched along the Thames, it is garlanded with historical ports, wildlife sanctuaries and a diversity of peoples.

The team are busy planning 2021 and are looking for anyone that would be interested in taking part, either by running an activity of their own, performing at the event, or having a stall to promote their community group.

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Thurrock Festival

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